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Dessert Highland Discs

Dessert Highland Discs mixes music with an interview format.Guests select their own tunes and bring pudding! 

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Ally Bally's Ceilidh

Ally B heeeeeuggghhs you round the floor with the best selection of Scottish Music. 

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Steven Kidd

About The Kidd

Sonic Attack, concentrating on the louder and more experimental sides of the musical spectrum, including a range of acts from the complete unknown to well established household names.  Steven will be playing  everything from garage rock and punk, to heavy rock and metal, through to all forms of psychedelia.  Although don't be surprised to hear things being mixed up a bit with some outlaw country, folk, blues or jazz creeping in from time to time.  Anything thats played with integrity and a bit of attitude may find itself being played on Sonic Attack!  Always interested in hearing new music too, open to any requests or recommendations from listeners, or if any young or unsigned bands, get in touch.

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