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James Martin

About James

Thanks for checking me out and taking a look at my NorthHighlandRadio show page.

I present Craic 'N' Tunes every Thursday between 7 & 9pm.

One week we have 'craic' (chat to the uninitiated) where I prod and probe my guest and get behind the person in the 'knowing me...knowing you' feature. They'll be asked lots of clichéd questions like, what really annoys them? What they couldn't live without? What posters they had hanging on their wall as a teenager? What celebrities they would invite to their dinner party? The interview then finishes with the 'Killer Quickfire Round' where they will be given simple choices between two things...and they MUST pick one.

The next week is 'tune' week where the show is all about music, requests and dedications. We also go live onto the internet to see the 'news right now' as well as other features like, 'snap, crackle and pop' where we'll play a track from a one-hit wonder group who snapped, crackled and then popped off into oblivion. And not forgetting the amazing 'Three from one at 8' feature where we'll pitch two rival artists or groups against each other and let you vote to see which one we play three back-to-back tracks from at 8 o'clock.

So make sure and tune into Craic 'N' Tunes every Thursday to hear my amazing guests; pick a track; send in a dedication or just tune in and enjoy the amazingness that is my show, live on NorthHighlandRadio.

Email me directly during the show or anytime in between on james@northhighlandradio.co.uk

Make sure and follow my show Facebook page on www.facebook.com/jamesmartinradio

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